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With a reputation for excellence in all aspects of commercial property development, we pride ourselves on taking a values-driven approach where we create customer-centric experiences and forge collaborative, long-term relationships with our clients.

Since 2012, Lofty Building Group, an Adelaide based property development and building company, has been delivering bespoke developments across South Australia. Lofty Property Group is a division of Lofty focussing on commercial, retail, industrial and custom developments.

By supporting our stellar, friendly team to be creative and think outside the box, we deliver exceptional results time and time again across a range of projects that include but aren’t limited to: retail spaces, shopping centres, childcare centres, business offices and industrial facilities. Big or small, we do it all.

With multifaceted expertise, meticulous attention to detail and 60+ years of combined experience in all areas of the market—locally, interstate and overseas—we treat our clients like trusted partners and foster those relationships for life to create bespoke commercial build solutions that exceed expectations.

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